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Blaze Automation Inc launches Facebook and LINE messenger Chatbots

Monday, January 8, 2018   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Mitchell Klein

Blaze Automation Inc launches Facebook and LINE messenger Chatbots enabling homeowners to “converse with their home”, at CES 2018

B.One™ Hub is one of the first Home Automation Hubs to understand and leverage the potential of integrating Chatbots for a highly effective and a wide reaching IoT interface solution. We have developed and integrated our B.One™ Chatbots with increasingly ubiquitous FB messenger which has 2 billion users worldwide as well as LINE messenger which has 600 million registered users and 217 million monthly active users. B.One’s Chatbots create custom dashboards which use animated stickers that LINE users are so used to (2.4 billion stickers get exchanged every day) and text boxes for FB users, to chat with their homes from anywhere in the world. Blaze Automation will be launching its Chatbots for FB and LINE messengers at Consumer Electronics Show 2018 in Las Vegas.

Smart-home products were far from being omnipresent in 2016, which is no longer the case. The dramatic rise in adoption of IoT, especially, smart home devices can be attributed to voice assistants like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home. End users found it a lot easier to communicate with their homes in their natural language. Issuing commands like “Alexa, turn On the lights” vs. navigating through a smart home app and learning all it’s interfaces and commands for each smart device could be daunting for many of us.

While this is currently the scenario, where, users traded their privacy and personalised experience for hands free easy communication in their natural language, Chatbots offer perfect future solution for the missing components like easy remote access to smart homes with privacy. Users in countries like Australia, China, India, Japan and USA rely heavily on Chat- based interfaces like FB, LINE, WeChat, and WhatsApp for both their personal and business communication. Integrating smart home Chatbots with these interfaces would let these users communicate with their homes without having to learn a new app or technology and at the same time not giving up their privacy. Voice assistants are ALWAYS listening, or their personalised experience that they lose with voice assistants and users have to be at their homes to be able to access their voice assistants within the audible range.

Smart home users want to be able to access their video camera feed or monitor and control any of their smart devices from anywhere in the world. This would mean they have to rely on navigating through the apps and not on their voice assistants alone. Smart Chatbots address this as they are device, location and operating system agnostic. The combination of voice assistants and Chatbots not only transform homes into smart homes a lot easier but also have widened the reach of the Internet of Things. End users no longer feel they need to be very tech savvy to be smart home users.

Integration of Chatbots means that users have to download B.One™ app just for initial configuration of the Hub as well as addition or deletion of smart home devices and not really learn B.One™ app itself anymore if they don’t want to learn one more app. Users can query and control their smart home devices using much simpler instructions without having to remember the respective commands and interface sequences etc.

B.One’s VoiceAct™ harnessed existing AI for smart homes by creating skills for Amazon and Google to instruct Alexa and Google home to command and control B.One™ connected smart home devices. B.One™ users are already using our VoiceAct™ platform to control and monitor diverse portfolio of smart home devices like Thermostats, Cameras, Switches, Dimmers, Door Locks and many more devices built based on well established wireless protocols like Z-Wave, Zigbee, Wi-Fi, BLE. With over 27,000 models of Infrared remotes supported by B.One™ Hub, Our VoiceAct™ platform provides total control of legacy and modern Infrared controlled devices like Televisions, Disc players, Airconditioning systems and such others. B.One™ is reaching out to a much wider consumer base by integrating the best practiced methods of communication -VoiceAct™ and Chatbots.

About Blaze Automation

Blaze Automation is an IoT (Internet of Things) company with its offices based out of New Jersey, USA and Hyderabad, India. Blaze Automation has been building Home Automation and Security products for the last 8 years and has invested the last two years in research and development in creating B.One ™ platform, a truly intelligent IOT platform with a brilliant ecosystem that is easy to use and future ready. B.One™ is a Smart and Intelligent Home Automation and Security System which delivers on the promise of making your Life more Efficient, Enjoyable and also Secure.

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